Profile of Vincent Flemming, Fine Artist & Guest Professor

A Portrait of Vincent...

Vincent was born in Copenhagen in 1947. Named Flemming Vincent. He grew up in a working-class family, with his parents and two sisters. Since 1970, pictorial art has played an increasingly important part of his life. In the mid-seventies, he spent some years with different artists and took courses with them. Furthermore, he attended drawing courses for two years at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a renowned Danish art museum.

A Portrait of Vincent Flemming

In 1974, Vincent had the first exhibition of his paintings. In the following years, he works in various communities of artists. In the 80’s Vincent is a member of the central board of the Danish Visual Artists Union. In 1981, Vincent is a co-founder of Syntese (Synthesis), an art and culture community, together with painter Per Johan Svendsen and sculptor Steen Krarup Jensen from 1981 to 1989, Vincent has a series of large exhibitions in Denmark and France. 

Among other places, on Charlottenborg, the Art Museum Louisiana, and Ateliers Portes-ouvertes in Paris. Vincent was one of the representatives of Syntheses, on the Nordic cultural delegation’s great trip to Nicaragua, around the turn of the year 1988-89, where he played a major part in Syntese’s decorations in this country. (The National Library in Managua, Hotel Litto in Managua, and the school in Sebaco, in the Maiagalpa Mountains) At the end of 1989, Vincent was among the members of Syntese, who participated in the Nordic Cultural Festival in Trondheim, Norway, where he made a great contribution to the carrying out of Syntese’s 25×3 meter decoration in the city’s harbor. In 1990, Vincent painted Syntese’s big mural with an astronomical clock on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The title of the mural is “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet” At Syntese’s big exhibition “Den Lange Rejse” (The Long Journey), on Charlottenborg in 1989, all of Vincent’s works were seized by the tax authorities and the police, due to a bankruptcy in 1986. Syntese took the matter to court and after 3 years and 2 different courts, supported by the Visual Artist’s Association and Copydan, because of the principal nature of the case, Syntese won and Vincent was given back most of his works.

After the trial, Vincent all but turned his back on the established world of art in Denmark and moved to Sydhavnen (the Southern Harbour) in Copenhagen. Here, he built his own studio out of recycled material, in which, since 1990, he has been working on a project that he calls “the World as seen from a shed in Sydhavnen”. He finds his subjects in the news media for a series of large three-dimensional portraits. In 1996, he went to Africa to do more murals, plus a series of exhibitions in Tanzania and neighbouring countries.

In 1998, Vincent and visual artist Lars Kraemmer developed the concept “Art Money”. More than 1000 artists are involved in this at present. In the new millennium, several exhibitions have been arranged in connection with Art Money around the world, in cities like Vancouver, New York, and Amsterdam. In 2002, Vincent was elected chairman of COAST (Center of Art, Science and Technology) In 2004, Vincent has been invited as a visiting professor by the Art College of Inner Mongolia University. In July 2004 he was 1 of 50 artists from all over the world, making murals and sculptures in the United Nations project First Encounter of World Artist for Honduras: “Art For All. In Tegucigalpa Honduras.”

In 2005, Vincent was teaching mural paintings at Xia Men university art academy.

Today he is honoured by the title Guest Professor by 3 universities.

(Above is written by Roland Mueller, Art Curator, Germany)



Appearance in Publications

  • WEILBACH, dansk kunstnerleksikon
  • Så er der fernisering, Ole Lindboe
  • Leksikon for det 21. århundrede, Solidaritet
  • Dansk Kunst, Forlaget Palle Fogtdal, flere årgange
  • Kunst på muren, Lene Skytthe
  • The Mural of Revolutionary Nicaragua, by David Kunzle U.C.L.A
  • ARTE PARA TODOS United Nations Millennium Development Goals


  • Represented at  君益豪   Jun  Yi Hao   Private Art Museum    Beijing   3 paintings
  • Represented at the National Museum of Modern Art Tegucigalpa Honduras
  • Guest Professor at the Art Academy of Inner Mongolia University Huhhot/China in 2005
  • Teaching art at the Art Academy of Xiamen University Xiamen/China 2005-2006

Exhibitions and Mural Painting

  • The 2015 ART AMOY ART FAIR, Exhibition for art in XIAMEN, China
  • CEAC. Chinese European Art Center  Xiamen  university, April 2012
  • Lan Lan  Gallery.   Xiamen,   China,      2012
  • Art And Love Encounter, Wang Lu & Vincent, Lan Lan Gallery.     Xiamen, China, 2011
  • Northern Europe & Zhangzhou Modern Artworks Exhibition. Zhangzhou, Fujian. China, 2011
  • Arte para Todos Sevilla – Art For All, Mural painting. Sevilla, Spain, 2010
  • Culture 2450, Copenhagen South, 2010
  • North  European  Contemporary  Art   Exhibitions      Lan Lan Gallery Xiamen, China, 2010
  • Beijing Ark Art Area in May & June  2009
  • Mural painting in Mozarts Plads. Copenhagen South, 2008
  • Xiamen Art Museum Cultural & Art Centre Xiamen China 2008
  • Gallery Nihaonet Xiamen China 2008
  • Lan Lan Gallery Xiamen China 2008
  • Yihao Chao Chuang Arts & Design Beijing China 2008
  • Lan Lan Gallery Beijing China 2008
  • Atelier Artless Copenhagen 2007
  • Thomas Koppel Minde Koncert Den Grå Hall, April 2006
  • Art Academy of Xiamen University Xiamen China (mural painting) 2005
  • Gallery Nihaonet Xiamen China 2005
  • Jimei University Xiamen 361021, Fujian Province, P.R. of China 2005
  • Art Academy of Inner Mongolia University Huhhot China 2005
  • Inner Mongolia Normal College Huhhot China 2005
  • Sallingsund Museum (ArtMoney) 2005
  • Salon Cultural Tegucigalpa Honduras 2004
  • Hotel General Tegucigalpa Honduras 2004
  • Hospital Escuela Tegucigalpa Honduras (mural painting) 2004
  • Paludan København 2003
  • Digital House København 2003
  • ArtMoney Øksnehallen København 2003
  • 20/20 Vision Malmø Sverige 2002
  • 20/20 Vision København 2001 — 2002
  • Påskeudstilling Helligkors Kirke, April 2001
  • Andre Emile Gallery Vancouver Canada ”Art Money ”Sep. 2000
  • Tribes Gallery Ave C & D New York USA “Art Money “, August 2000
  • Mural Painting Rosenberg Gjesthus Bergen Norge 1999
  • Rådhushallen Bergen Rådhus ” U N” Norge, November 1999
  • Bergen Kunstforening ” Kroppen i tide og utide ” Norge, November 1999
  • Tasseron Strandgade 10 København 1998
  • Skagen Festival Skagen Juli 1997 Amager Centret København 1997
  • Nyumba ya Sanaa, Dar es Salaam juli 1996.
  • TCDC Arusha Tanzania juli 1996.
  • Masai Market at Karatu Town Tanzania juni 1996
  • Mural painting Sukuma Museum Mwanza. Tanzania 1996
  • Mural painting Bulabo Danceplaces Kisesa. Tanzania 1996.
  • Bujora Cultural Centre Mwanza Tanzania juni 1996
  • Tidsglimt. Hedehuset Roskilde maj 1996.
  • Børsen København (Round Table) 1996
  • International house Brygg-huset Helsingborg Sverige 1996.
  • Houhallen 1995
  • Mural painting Hou School 1994.
  • Kunstbibloteket Gentofte Vangede 1994.
  • Kellerdirk København 1993
  • Den Grå Hal Christiania 1992
  • Toldkamret Helsingør 1991
  • Mural painting Københavns Sydhavn. 1991
  • Dokkerne Trondheim Norge 1990.
  • Mural painting Trondheim Norge Tre Falke København 1990
  • Kunstnernes Hus Århus (Racismen har ingen fremtid) 1989.
  • Det Åbne Teater Oslo. Norge 1989
  • Mural painting Korsgade. København. 1989.
  • KB Hallen København 1989.
  • Stadion Manacua Nicaragua. 1989.
  • San José Costa Rica. 1989.
  • Mural painting Sebaco Matagalpa Nicaragua. 1989
  • Mural painting Hotellito Nicaragua 1989.
  • Mural painting National Library Manacua Nicaragua 1988.
  • Charlottenborg (Syntese “Den lange rejse”) 1989
  • Moderne Dansk Kunst. Biennale Køge Bugt. 1988.
  • Det Gyldne Krus. København. 1988. 1989. 1990. 1991. 1992. 1993.
  • Balderskilde stedet for moderne kunst. København. 1988
  • Medborgerhuset Ahlefeldsgade. 1987. Høring om kunstens fremtid. Udstilling og paneldiskussion
  • Cafe Vincent. Haslev. 1986. 1987.
  • Form & Figur. Vordingborg. (udsmykning) 1985.
  • Efterårsudstillingen Charlottenborg. 1984.
  • Medborgerhuset Blågårds Plads. “Danske Myter” . 1985
  • Nørrebro kulturfestival. København. 1984.
  • Musikhuset. Århus festuge juli 1984.
  • Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling. Århus Kunstbykning. 1984.
  • Højskolen Odder. 1984.
  • Helligåndshuset. København. 1983. 1984.
  • Odder Rådhus. 1984.
  • Ateliers Portes-ouvertes Canal de l..ourcq. Paris. France 1983
  • Thorasminde. Gladsaxe Kunstkreds. 1983.
  • Sommerudstillingen Thirstruphallen. Jylland 1983
  • Galleri Cha Cha. Herning. 1983.
  • Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling 1983. 1984.
  • Louisianna (Krig & Menneske) 1981.
  • Galleri Tema København 1981.
  • Nyhavn 31 1978.
  • Galleri Helliggeist 1978.
  • Den Frie dec. 1977.
  • Hotel Phønix St. Heddinge 1975
  • Værkstedsudstilling Møllegården Ll. Heddinge 1974.



弗来明·文森特,1947 年出生在丹麦哥本哈根。他成长在工人阶级家庭,家庭成员有父亲、母亲和两个妹妹。14 岁那年他离开了学校,因为他的父亲对他说,“你不可能成为艺术家,你没有天赋,所以去学门手艺吧。”于是,文森特当了一名侍者。在完成学徒和侍者工作之后,他成为酒店经理,并且在80年代中期创建了自己的咖啡餐厅,同时他还作为一名高级领班在渡轮上工作了两年。60年代和70年代,文森特与各种各样的摇滚乐队合作演出(他从12 岁开始演奏鼓) 。他做了10年的专业乐手,在此期间,他还从事了不同的工作, 譬如专业潜水员, 服装设计师, 独立的公共汽车所有者, 教师, 铁匠, 瓦工助理等工作。30 岁时他进修了大学课程。他的哲学是:如果你想要描绘人们和他们的生活, 必须走出去与他们一起工作生活。自1970 年以来, 视觉艺术在他的生活中起了越来越重要的作用。70年代中期, 他用了几年的时间与不同的艺术家在一起并向他们学习。此外, 他在Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek—— 著名的丹麦美术馆参加了两年专业素描的学习课程。1974 年, 文森特举办了第一次个人画展。接下来的几年,他与不同的艺术家团体一起工作。80年代,文森特成为丹麦视觉艺术家联盟的中央委员会的成员。1981 年, 文森特与画家Per Johan Svendsen 和雕塑家Steen Krarup Jensen 共同创立了“综合体”这一 艺术文化团体, 从1981 年到1989 年, 文森特在丹麦和法国举办了一系列大型画展,包括Charlottenborg展览馆 、路易斯安那美术馆, 和巴黎Portes-ouvertes工作室。1988到1989年间,他作为“综合体”的代表之一, 参加了北欧文化代表团尼加拉瓜之行, 并在代表团为该国家所做的艺术贡献中扮演了主要角色(这些地点有马那瓜国家图书馆、马那瓜Litto旅馆, Sebaco学校, Maiagalpa 山) 。1989 年底, 文森特作为“综合体”的成员,参加了挪威Trondheim市举办的北欧文化节, 在城市港口完成了 25×3 米的壁画。1990 年, 他在哥本哈根Nørrebro区绘制了一个天文学时钟的大型壁画,标题是 “陌生人是一个你还没有见过的朋友” 。1989 年在Charlottenborg展览馆 “综合体”举办的一次大型展览“漫长的旅途”中,文森特所有的作品被税务局和警察夺走了,原因是由于他1986年的破产。“综合体” 提出了上诉,由于涉及到艺术家的共同利益,得到了视觉艺术家协会和版权组织的支持, 该事件历经3 年并经过两个不同的法院之后,最终胜诉,大多数作品重新回到了文森特的手中。审判之后, 文森特拒绝了所有在丹麦的艺术活动,隐居在哥本哈根的南部港口,用可回收的废旧材料修建了自己的画室。在这里,自1990 年以来, 他一直从事的绘画主题是“从南部港口的小屋看到的世界”。他从新闻媒体发掘主题并绘制了一系列大型三维绘画。1996 年, 他到非洲完成了更多的壁画作品,并在坦桑尼亚和邻近的国家举办了一系列展览。1998 年, 文森特和视觉艺术家Lars Kraemmer 创立了“艺术钱”这一新型概念。目前已有超过500 位艺术家被列入其中。新千年举办的几次“艺术钱”的展览,建立了与世界的联系,这些城市包括温哥华、纽约和阿姆斯特丹等。2002 年, 文森特被选举为艺术科学与技术中心(简称COAST)主席。 2004 年,被内蒙古大学艺术学院聘请为客座教授。同年7月,他与来自全世界的共50位艺术家, 参与了联合国项目“世界艺术家首次洪都拉斯之遇”—— “为了全人类的艺术”,在洪都拉斯首都特古西加尔巴创作壁画与雕塑。
2005 年, 文森特被厦门大学艺术学院邀请教授壁画,并与学生创作完成了艺术学院展览馆外墙壁画。

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